History of the Name


In the early 1800s, Natchez “Under the Hill” in Mississippi was a gathering place for the “Keelboatmen” bringing goods and supplies down the Mississippi River on their way to New Orleans. Each boat had its own “champion” fighter, and when two boats met it was the custom for these “champions” to fight for the honored title of “Cock of the Walk”—the “Best of the Best.” In the late 1970s some folks got together at that historic site in Natchez on the Mississippi and developed a combination of southern style recipes to complement their specialty of golden fried catfish. The name of “Cock of the Walk” was reborn—the “Best of the Best.”


Our casual rustic atmosphere and service personnel attired in period dress of the riverboat era will bring you back to the time of the old riverboat days and now, something for everyone in your party!